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By submitting, you authorize Max ERC Benefits to send text messages for meeting reminders and information related to your inquiry. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase. Terms and Conditions -

Qualifying for ERC Credits

You are likely to qualify for the ERC if you…

Own a small or medium-sized business, franchise, or nonprofit

Retained at least six W-2 employees in 2020 and 2021

Revenue or operations were impacted by the COVID pandemic

You CAN STILL QUALIFY even if you…

  • did not have a decline in revenue.

  • did better in 2020, 2021, or during COVID.

  • did not shut down.

  • received PPP loans.

Why Choose Us to Help You File

You DON'T PAY ANYTHING until you receive your funds from the IRS.


Low Filing Fees

As low as 8%, the friendliest filing fees in the industry


No Deposit or

Fees to Get Started

We'll do the upfront calculations to determine how much money you could receive. You only sign an agreement when you decide to file.



We offer an audit-proof guarantee, easy-to-understand calculations, and excellent customer service

Our Process

It is SO EASY to claim your refund with us

We handle everything once you give us the information you need



Our simple step-by-step qualification form will give you an estimate of what your potential ERC return could be.


Gather Data

We'll assign you a personal ERC consultant to help you answer a few more questions and use our secure portal to upload your tax and payroll documents.



We’ll tell you exactly how much money you’ll get back from the IRS, then prepare and file the amended 941-X payroll returns if you wish to proceed.


Get Paid!

The IRS will process your amended returns and mail a check directly to you! You'll only be invoiced AFTER you receive your funds from the IRS.

About the ERC Program

ERC is not a loan and therefore does not need to be repaid.

The federal government established the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) to provide a refundable employment tax credit to help businesses with the cost of keeping staff employed. It is part of the CARES Act Covid relief measures.

Our Clients

So many industries have claimed big refunds.

You can, too.

You could receive a total credit of $500,000 or more.*

*based on the average amount our clients receive


312 employees


for 2020


208 employees


for Q1 2021

HVAC Service

23 employees


for 2020


195 employees


for 2020


63 employees


for 2020


Our Clients Reviews

Steve and his team made the process of applying for my ERC credit extremely easy and straightforward! All I had to do was provide the payroll detail and they did all the calculations so that I could see the total benefit I qualified for and then they provided the amended returns for me to submit to the IRS. Thanks so much for helping me claim this much needed benefit!


Noel Zoeller

Your knowledgeable team helped me understand the ERC Program, including all the details and nuances involved with the ERC processing. They effectively managed the entire process for us and allowed us to maximize our credits back from the IRS. The substantial relief money is greatly appreciated and a pleasant surprise.


Loren Katzman


Frequently Asked Questions.

Everything you need to know about the Employee Retention Credit

What is the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)?

The CARES Act’s Employee Retention Credit is a fully refundable tax credit. For the 2020 program, the ERC is equal to 50% of qualified wages that eligible employers pay their employees. This applies to wages paid after 3/12/2020 and before 1/1/2021. The maximum amount of wages taken into account with respect to each employee for all calendar quarters is $10,000, so that the maximum credit for an employee in 2020 is $5,000.

For the 2021 program, the credit is increased to 70% of the first $10,000 per quarter for the first 3 quarters of 2021. This means the annual maximum for an employee is 2021 is $21,000.

What is an Eligible Employer?

Eligible Employers for the purposes of the Employee Retention Credit are those that carry on a trade or business during calendar years 2020/2021, including a tax-exempt organization, that either:

  1. Had a full or partial suspension of operations, including capacity restrictions or supply chain disruption due to a government-imposed order, OR

  2. Experienced a significant decline in gross receipts during a calendar quarter when compared to the same calendar quarter in 2019

When is the Operation of a Trade or Business Considered Partially Suspended for the ERC?

The operation of a trade or business may be partially suspended if an appropriate governmental authority imposes restrictions upon the business operations by limiting commerce, travel, or group meetings (for commercial, social, religious, or other purposes). This can be a “Stay at Home Order” for non-essential businesses, a capacity restriction, or other possibilities.

What are Qualified Wages?

Qualified wages are compensation provided to employees during an eligible period. An eligible period is either:

  1. the time during which the trade or business is fully or partially suspended by a governmental order, OR

  2. for 2020, any calendar quarter during which gross receipts are 50% less than the amount received during the same quarter of 2019; for 2021, any calendar quarter during which gross receipts are 20% less than the same quarter of 2019

Can I claim the ERC if I received a PPP loan or other tax credits?

Yes, just not on the same employee wages. The government allows you to claim only one tax credit per eligible period. If you file with us, we use our methodology to separate PPP forgiven wages from ERC eligible wages. The good news is that different tax credits often cover different types of expenses and eligibility periods, so you’re still likely to get an ERC refund.

Can I qualify for the ERC even if my revenue went up?

Yes! A decline in revenue is not required to qualify for the ERC. If you can show that your business was more than nominally (10%) impacted by COVID-related restrictions or disruptions, you will qualify under the Government Mandate Test.

What can I use my refund for?

Anything you want. It’s your money! Many business owners use the funds to pay off debt, invest in new equipment, hire more employees, take a vacation, or even get a head start on next year’s taxes.

Doesn't my payroll system/CPA have this information?

The Employee Retention Credit has certain complexities that may impact receiving an accurate, optimized, and audit-ready number. It is important to fully document processes and procedures, organize your records, and avoid any risk areas in advance of a potential IRS audit of the claim, which may come years later.

The ERC has numerous issues such as Controlled Group criteria, documenting qualification methodology, coordination with PPP loans, allocating healthcare expenses to the appropriate time periods, etc. Your payroll company does not have all this information, and your CPA may not have the specific expertise to ask. Partnering with ERC Benefits can help prevent disaster and/or leaving money “on the table.”

Is there a deadline to apply?

Businesses can file retroactively for the 2020 credit until April 15, 2024, and for the 2021 credit until April 15, 2025.

How long will it take to get my refund?

It has taken our clients three to six months to receive their refund from the IRS, but the good news is wait times have been decreasing! However, wait times could increase later on as the deadline to apply draws closer. We recommend submitting your ERC application as soon as possible to receive your refund in the timeliest manner.

How much does it cost?

The initial analysis to determine your eligibility and approximate credit is completely free. If you file for an ERC with us, our fee is a percentage of the credit to be received.

Expertise you can count on

We are the trusted source in helping businesses file for the Employee Retention Credit.

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